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Excellence is the foundation for education and requires a partnership of academic training, spirituality, and the development of one’s full potential. The best way to achieve an individual’s full potential is through exploring the environment, experimenting or testing practices and innovating new ways or our own personal way of doing things. Through these methods not only do young people become smarter, but they generally become better people. Harmon Prep embodies the Montessori Method and understands the nature of children, we believe that we are all born curious individuals wanting to learn. Our development and willingness to learn is either encouraged or hindered by the adults around us. When a child is encouraged to explore their environment, they are encouraged to learn. This encouragement must continue through adolescence and beyond. Only when wetest theories, fail and try again, and explore our world can we be considered true learners. Harmon Prep School is here to help guide children through the learning process.

“Perhaps a great future leader or a great genius is with us and their power will come from the power of the child they are today. This is the vision we must have.”

— Dr. Maria Montessori, The Theosophist

Our Mission

The mission of Harmon Prep School is to educate every child through experience, exposure, and innovation. We believe the only sources of learning cannot be books, pencils, and paper. There is a whole world we can all learn from and we should step away from traditional thoughts of learning and expand our classroom beyond the walls of a building. We are not confined by conventional practices our teachers and scholars are able to think outside the box and experience learning along the way. We believe this is the best way is to not only encourage learning, but also to become productive adults as well.

Montessori School in Tampa, Florida

Dream big. Work hard. Be smart.