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As toddlers children begin to be aware of their discernment and insight, as well as actions that allow them to hone in on what is going on around them. They begin to speak what they’re thinking, hold on to and build events that are happening in their environment.

Elementary School at Harmon Prep School


The Montessori Model holds firmly to focusing on guiding-learning arrangements, and methods, the relationship to students and their learning environment and their skills and attitude toward learning.

Secondary School at Harmon Prep School


The Montessori Secondary Program provides rigorous student-centered studies, along with every day hands-on work. The secondary program prepares students to be their best intellectual selves in their physical, cognitive, social and spiritual lives.

Progress Monitoring

Ways We Monitor Development and Growth.

HPS has to ways to track development and growth of the whole child.

Standard Quarterly Report at Harmon Prep School

Standard Quarterly Report

We use a standard quarterly report which informs parents and students of individual progress throughout the year. This report uses the classwork, homework, participation, projects, tests, oral presentations to determine its results. The information gathered in the quarterly report helps determine next steps for each students development.

Measured Academic Progress at Harmon Prep School

Measured Academic Progress

Three times a year students are tested using Measured Academic Progress (MAP). MAP is an assessment that will help everyone monitor academic progress, strengths, and difficulties. MAP is a way to measure our students with students around the country. The assessment is not used to determine promotion to the next grade.

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