faculty and staff of Harmon Prep School

Committed to Our Students

Meet our exceptional Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of Harmon Prep School are committed to excellence in education. As mentors to young students, they understand the great responsibility of the classroom teacher to shine as examples in all areas of life. We hope their stories give you a glimpse into what awaits your child at Harmon Prep School.

Our Code of Ethical Conduct includes, but is not limited to the following:

In order to establish a healthy community, we must be honest and transparent at all times. Honest communication must not be hurtful and used to inform or uplift individuals and families.
Professionalism and professional courtesy must be used at all times. Professionalism is used in our conversation, written communication, andappearance.
There is a moral and professional obligation to report any misconduct among peers.
Every family and staff member must be treated with fairness, integrity, and respect regardless of race, gender, age, orientation, and/or economic background, etc.
Professional growth is embraced and used to strengthen our ability to serve our families.
There is a professional and moral obligation to report signs of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of children and peers.
Harmon Prep School Students